Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability Specialist

Role Description

This is a part-time (80% FTE) hybrid role for a Sustainability Specialist located in Aalsmeer, with flexibility for remote work. The specialist will be responsible for inspection and validation of projects.

Project are certified by a certification buro and you validate all aspects of a project. Whether the Carbon Credits are traceable, whether the project exists, if the amount of fertilizer is actually bought and used, etcetera. You act like a detective and ensure that the project we offer is ligitimate and no fraud is in play.  


  • Comprehensive knowledge of sustainability principles and practices.
  • Experience in developing and implementing sustainability strategies.
  • Strong analytical skills to measure and evaluate sustainability performance.
  • Ability to translate sustainability objectives into concrete action plans.
  • Familiarity with relevant laws and regulations in the field of sustainability.
  • Excellent communication skills to present and promote sustainability initiatives.
  • Experience in engaging stakeholders and building partnerships.
  • Skill in identifying sustainability risks and implementing appropriate measures.
  • Knowledge of green technologies and innovative solutions for sustainability challenges.
  • Strong project management skills to successfully lead sustainability projects.
  • Enjoy desk-research, onsite inspections  
  • Fluent in English & Dutch 

You must have a visa to work and live in the Netherlands 


We hope you bring:

  • a sense of humor
  • flexibility as we are a small team
  • curiosity as we learn a lot from others
  • cookies at your first visit to the office

We like to tell you more about our company, please contact us: 

Berend van Geffen or Maurice Mulder: 


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