Frequently Asked Questions

How can I calculate my carbon footprint?

  • You can calculate your carbon footprint by selecting our GreenCarbon Calculator. 
  • A European citizen topically produces 8 tCO2e (8.000 kg) per year. In the USA this is around 15 tCO2e.
  • A services-oriented company in Europe of 100 employees  produces around 125 tCO2e per year.
  • We are glad to help you with to calculate your carbon emissions. So feel free to contact us and use our GreenCarbonCalculator.

    Why do I need to offset my carbon emissions?

    • As a society, we aim to be net-zero, by 2030 or later (depending on your country). Meanwhile you can compensate your carbon footprint.
    • Some companies must offset their CO2/carbon emissions and choose the best carbon credits. The best are in general the most trustworthy, contain biodiversity in the project and support the local community.

      How can I offset my carbon emissions?

      • Buy carbon credits via our website and receive a certificate as a proof of your compensated emissions.

        How do I buy Carbon Credits

        • Buying carbon credits is easy: follow the following steps:
        Step 1:  Calculate your CO2/carbon emissions by using our GreenCarbon Calculator, or select a project and number of carbon credits without calculating your emissions.

        Step 2:  Select one or more projects under Carbon Credits.

        Step 3:  Add carbon credits to the cart and pay at check out. You will receive a confirmation and an invoice by email.

        Step 4:  You will receive the certificate, programme description and the Inspection & Validation report by email. 

        Can I return my carbon credits?

        • No, once you have purchased your carbon credits these are 'retired' and cannot be brought into the market again.

          Do I need to buy carbon credits next year?

          • Yes, it is likely that you will have carbon emissions in the coming year –hopefully less than current year. You can compensate your footprint next year. Or contact us now, and we will reserve carbon credits for you at the current market price.