About GreenCarbonTrade

GreenCarbon b.v., owner of the GreenCarbonTrade trademark and established in 2024 helps farmers sell their carbon credits to businesses and consumers at a fair price. Our offering only comprises certified carbon credits, which have been inspected and validated by us.

Our company is based in the Netherlands and registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. 

Trusted and meaningful

We are a for-profit organisation and believe in long lasting relationships with both farmers and carbon emitting businesses. It is our mission to make the world a better place and to provide integrity to the carbon credit demand and supply chain.

We are supervised by our Ambassadors and provide transparency to our customers by sharing all information possibly without breaching any confidentiality agreements or privacy laws.

Who we are

Our founding fathers:


Berend van Geffen






Bas Leenders






Marcel Hogenstein






Maurice Mulder





Berend van Geffen

a visionary leader, served as the Director of a Test and Certification Bureau, active in 14 countries for over a decade, spearheading advancements in standardisation and quality assurance.

With a passion for exploration, he dedicated the past five years to ocean expeditions, combining his leadership acumen with a deep love for the seas.

Berend's impactful career reflects a commitment to excellence in both industry standards and environmental exploration.

 Maurice Mulder

A seasoned aviator, Maurice, spent a fulfilling career as a KLM pilot, mastering the intricacies of aviation technology.

With decades of experience at the helm of various aircraft, he retired as a skilled and respected professional. Beyond the cockpit, his technical expertise extended into the development of carbon projects.

 Bas Leenders

In 15 years of experience in the Google Cloud ecosystem and over 25 years in web apps, Bas built deep and wide knowledge of the latest technologies. With an academic background in cognitive psychology and human factors, he focuses on BI & data analytics and e-commerce. His true passion is sailing, both cruising the seas on his own sailboat as well as inshore racing on other boats (with highly competitive teams).

 Marcel Hogenstein

Hailing from Zeeland, Marcel is not just a meticulous software developer but a devoted family man. Renowned for his calm demeanor and critical thinking, he brings a trustworthy touch to the world of coding.

Beyond the digital landscape, Marcel  finds tranquility as an ocean sailor, navigating both the vast waters and the intricacies of software development with equal expertise.


Our Ambassadors are charged with the task to monitor and control us. They have insights in all transactions, certificates, projects, financial information, and specific HR/Staff related information. They oversee our activities and advise the leadership team on the implementation of GreenCarbonTrade’s strategy, integrity and management of the organisation.

Project Developers

Are you a project developer creating a carbon credit project? Contact us to discuss the possibilities of offering your carbon credits through us.

The project must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be certified or going through a validation process
  • You authorise us to inspect and validate your project
  • We provide traceable proof of each carbon credit to our customers
  • Our carbon credits are issued only once, and registered at an accredited certification body.


    GreenCarbonTrade has ambitions to expand beyond Europe. Are you interested in investing in our organisation? Please contact us:

    Berend van Geffen, berend@greencarbontrade.com


    GreenCarbonTrade is a trademark of GreenCarbon b.v.


    Tel: +31 614 294 540



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